Carpet, Denver, NC

Posted by Denver Flooring Store February 6th, 2019

Nothing beats the softness and comfort that a new carpet can give.

Whether you have sore feet from a long day’s work or little feet learning how to walk in your home, there’s nothing that quite beats the softness and comfort that a new carpet can give.

With a combined experience of over 60 years, our professional and friendly staff at Legacy Flooring Services Inc. would love to sit down and help you pick out the perfect color and material of carpet to make your home stand out.

Carpet in Denver, North Carolia

We are an owner-operated flooring service which means, unlike big chains that might not give you the best customer service, we ensure that each customer feels like our only customer. We want to get to know you well, to figure out if you have pets or muddy boots running through the house that might require a stain-resistant carpet. Or maybe you want a carpet that can look great even after years of high foot traffic from your family; then you might want a wool or wool-blend carpet that is well-known for its durability.

We also provide carpet solutions for all of your commercial needs as well. We know not all carpets can be used in both residential and commercial settings, and you may need a different type of carpet for a more clean and professional aesthetic. Instead of having a plush fabric that feels soft on your skin, we recommend shorter fabrics in a variety of geometric patterns and designs that will make your office look sleek and well put-together.

Our carpets are available at almost every price point, so come in and see our extensive selection.  We are here to make your home or office design as stress-free as possible.