Flooring Products: Trends To Look for

When it comes to the floors in your home, you need them to be both functional and durable.  However, this does not mean you need to discount beauty and aesthetic appeal.  With new technologies today, allowing for more affordable prices in a variety of looks, homeowners are finding they can have it all with their choices in flooring products. Everything from vinyl that looks like hardwood but is waterproof and won’t splinter, to antimicrobial cork floors that help keep your kitchen cleaner—the options can almost feel overwhelming.  Let us share just a few of the flooring trends that are creeping up in 2018, so you can be “in-the-know” and prepared should you find yourself looking for a new or updated floor.

Flooring Products: Trends To Look for

First, hardwood floors never really seem to go out of style.  They are durable and beautiful and can add a lot of value to your home.  This trend has stood the test of time and isn’t going out of style.  The movement in wood floors has been heading toward wider planks, and this is still the current trend in wood.  The market, however, has also taken the “green” movement into greater consideration, and lots of people are looking at wood floors that come certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which means the forests must maintain strict growing practices that keep them more sustainable. The green movement in flooring products in certainly growing, and there are many different areas in which you can find its trendy footprint, such as with carpets made of corn sugars or from 100% recycled food and drink containers. That’s pretty amazing stuff!  And for you carpet lovers, never-fear: carpets are still holding a large part of the market, and now there are more options in terms of color, material, cut, feel, and so on, so you should not have a problem finding an option that suits you well.

Another trend that has continued to grow is using more sustainable or affordable products, such as vinyl, to mimic hardwood or other materials at almost half their price.  In fact, you can now find vinyl options that look practically indistinguishable from actual hardwood.  This has become a huge trend in flooring, with people choosing vinyl due to its family-friendly durability and price-point.

At Legacy Floor Services Inc., we offer a wide variety of flooring products to fit your style, budget, and needs.  Stop in today to have a look at what we have to offer, or call and let us consult with you regarding the fitting of new floors for your home.